Many say that owning a cat or other pets is physically Good for people,lowering their blood pressure&conferring other health benefits.

Some studies show that cats help people psychologically.

Cats also provide interpersonal benefits & improve marriages.I have hear from reading Dr. Elayne Kaln of Miami ,Flordia told others

 He knows of many marriages which have stayed together

because of the childern ,BUT there are also many marriages which stay together because of the CAT or Dog.THe pet provides continuity &conversation for the couple,

something to care for & love together.A Cat is a continuing source of  Happiness tht gives the parents something to talk about with each other & with others.

Unlike childern ,cats dont go through adolescent or adult rebellion .And even if the couples childern didnt turn out perfectly,in their eyes the CAT probably DID LOL......


What Your Cat can see , Hear, Feel, & Taste

Cats See : A Cat looks at something ,to them its like looking through a frosted glass or a window

 that is steaming up.they dont have a good sense of detail,altough they can see slight movement

very well from a distance.It can also have good peripheral vision & can see to the sides better than we can.

Colors a cats see:

Cats can see colors,BUT they appear far more washed out to them than  to us,and

they cant distinguish between some colors .

To them all snow is probably yellow & its believed that they see objects in more gray & greentones than we do.

You dont see them chooseing colored toys over dull ones because they just dont care about the color.

They hunt in twilight & darkness & the shaded of the mouse dosent make any difference in the way it tastes to them.

Cats Can hear:

they hear High -pitched sounds that match the high pitch of mice,who can hear even higher ones than cats.

They dont like LOUD sounds such as Firecrackers or any kind of really Loud sounds

THeir hearing is so supersensitive that they can distinguish between 2 sounds whose sourvces are only a few inches apart.

But around age 5 the start to lose some extraordinary auditory abilities

Cats can Feel :

they are so sensitive to heat that a kitten can find her mother by the warmth of her body.

their paws are insensitive to temperatures enabling them to walk in depp snow

Cats can taste:

Cats do like sweets,& they're also very sensittttttttttve to bitter foods ,capable of tasting bitter flavors in the most minuute quantities.

They are also believed to have a special taste for  the flavor of water,which is why some cats wont drink it if it has been treated

 with chemicals or is in a dish tht has been washed with such water

So you can buy bottle water or just get a filter on the tap waterand let it sit for 24 hrs befor serving so the chemicals sink to the bottom.

Pet owners commonly ask how they can tell if their cat is dehydrated.

If a cat is not eating or drinking, or is having vomiting or diarrhea, the safest thing to do is to assume is that the cat is dehydrated. This may not always be the case but assuming that it is dehydration is the safest approach.

Here are some signs of dehydration that you should be aware of:

Loss of skin elasticity
Sunken eyes
Dry gums
Increased heart rate
Slow capillary refill time

You will often see veterinarians lift up the loose skin over the back and watch how closely it pulls back into its normal shape. A slow return to normal can be a sign of dehydration. Some cats will also have sunken eyes, an increased heart rate and slow blood flow.

If you think your cat is dehydrated, see your veterinarian immediately. The condition can worsen dramatically in a very short period of time. Your vet can supply emergency fluids to reverse the condition, but by far the best way to treat dehydration is to prevent it. Most cats are reluctant to drink adequate water because standing water quickly becomes stale. However, a pet fountain is a great way to help keep your cat hydrated and healthy because it keeps water fresh and tasty (which means your cat will drink more of it).

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