The exquisite silvers are considered the most ethereal of all Persians. The chinchilla is a sparkling white cat with black tipping scattered as evenly as stardust, ever so lightly, on the face, legs, tail and body. Shadeds show a mantle of black on the back, shading evenly down the sides. The tipping on the legs and face should match and is darker than the chinchilla.

 Goldens are either chinchilla or shaded. Their ground color is a rich, warm cream tipped with black.

Silvers and goldens have green or Blue-green eyes  & GOLD rimmed with black, black paw pads and brick red or rose nose leather.


The Quintessential long-haired cat; Persain are known for their long ,luxurious cats,& squashed-in face ;Persins require a high commitment to brushing & to cleaning the folds of the face & coners of eyes ;Persians enjoy sharing the space of their favorite human.the simi flate persians faces are not as likely to have the problems that the extreme flat face persain does ...


also called clorponit or the Khmer-its a body shape & coat texture more lie that of the Persian.Very warm & affectionate,the Himalayan tends to bond closely with its human family